KraftFilter: А revolution in the field of filter technology

All filters produced by KraftFilter are made from the patented ReSWiM material, which was developed in house. It has revolutionary features. Filters made from ReSWiM material guarantee perfect functioning even in extreme environments, they are easier to clean, more durable, low-maintenance and more cost-effective.

ReSWiM stainless steel wire by KraftFilter

The reusable ReSWiM wire is made from stainless steel. It is possible to configure the alloy of the wire according to application. The worldwide unique KraftFilter wire mesh is made from cold drawn wire without the use of rolling and welding.

ReSWiM filter material by KraftFilter

The filter material is a flexible structure with sickle-shaped filtration gaps. During the filtration, these gaps become smaller because of the adjacent differential pressure. This helps to repel the particles and to prevent them from lodging. During the backwashing, filtration gaps become wider which makes rinsing faster.

Outstanding cleaning characteristics

All KraftFilter products are much better, faster and cost-effective to clean – compared to other filtration systems that use backwashing.

Conventional filtration systems that use backwashing

  • Extra gas supply sometimes needed during the backwashing

  • Big waste of rinsing fluid

  • High costs of rinsing

  • Long rinsing time and higher water consumption

  • Moving parts that need propulsion: increased wear and risk of damage

  • Higher rinse speed leads to increased wear


Filtration systems by KraftFilter with fantastic cleaning characteristics

  • Backwashing is made by the water cleaned in the same system

  • Low lost of rinsing fluid

  • Costs of filtration and costs of rinsing are the same.

  • Rinsing lasts 30 seconds, minimal water consumption

  • No moving parts

  • Filtration speed and rinse speed are the same.



Conventional filters vs. KraftFilter products
Conventional filters are also made from steel wire. The mesh for such filters is made from rolled or welded wire. This type of rigid construction, structure and processing entails substantial disadvantages with regard to the function, the durability and the costs. They have worse filtering performance, have to be cleaned and replaced more often, and they involve higher costs.

Conventional filters pose operational risk
The filter meshes are also exposed to substantial pressures coming from the filtrate and cleaning fluid flowing in the opposite direction. In addition, there are temperature variations and aggressive media. Due to the rigid construction, the pressure on the connecting elements is too high. Thus, the meshes break and cannot work properly.

Conventional filters prove to be cost traps
In fact, conventional filters are cheaper to purchase, but they have to be cleaned, maintained and replaced more often. This reduces the reliability of the filter performance and raises the cleaning costs. The best solution for you is to choose the sustainable solution from KraftFilter right from the start.

First choice for:

  • High temperature applications
  • Corrosive fluids and gases
  • Mechanical stress
  • Heavy vibrations
  • Hydraulic impact
  • Variation in flow rates, pressure and contamination
  • Limited space conditions